What Happens in a Session?

No two sessions are ever the same. We are all individuals and so will be the experience. However, there is generally a basic structure to the session.


The pre-talk is where we discuss the aims of the session. Do you, for example want to find the root cause of a phobia, why you feel an affinity for a particular place or person or maybe you are just open to let you subconscious mind decide on the best destination for your current development. The purpose of this pre-talk is to determine the exact method to be used.


The initial induction takes you in to a relaxed state. The exact form of this will depend upon the information we discuss in the pre-talk. The initial induction could be in the form of a relaxing your entire body from the top of you head to the tips of your toes.
Deepener The deepener takes you even more deeply into the relaxed state. We may use a theme such as a garden, a forest, a walk along the river or even a journey back through memories in your current life. The aim is to deepen the level of relaxation and heighten your awareness and senses to what you are imagining or visualising.

The Safe Space

Sometimes on a past life journey it is possible that you feel lost or confused.The safe space is a place that I can return you to and reset the journey without bringing you out of hypnosis. The safe space is just one of the ways I ensure your safety and comfort whilst experiencing Past Life Regression and is one of my prime concerns, to ensure you enjoy the journey and get the maximum out of it

Protection Deepener

The protection deepener is another way to deepen the relaxation but this time it also protects you from any negativity. Generally, I will surround you in a white light energy through which no negativity can penetrate. Once again this is to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the session.

The Transition

This is where the journey really starts. It is from your safe space and again can take many forms depending upon your requirements and if we are following a theme. It could, for example, be a journey on in a lift where the lift doors open into a long corridor, at the end of which is the door to your past life. It could also be that you find a cave, a tunnel, a path with doors on one side or even a time machine. The options are endless only restricted by your imagination and remember this journey is all about you. It is your experience and you will progress through it exactly as you need to do.

The Exploration Once you find your door you open it and step through closing the door behind you. At this point, I remind you that whatever stage you are at in your journey if you ever want to exit the lifetime all you have to do is to turn around and the door will be directly behind you. The exploration consists of me asking a series of questions such as Look down, what can you see, Look around, what do you see. What do you feel, are you alone etc. My questions will be guided by your responses.

The Significant Event

Generally,you are taken into a lifetime for a reason, even if that reason is not immediately apparent. The next stage of the journey is to move to a significant event. This can either be backwards or forwards in the lifetime. I will ask you to move to a significant event and then, once you are there, we will resume the questions as above. On some occasions, the significant evernt could well be the death in this lifetime. We will have already discussed if you want to experience the death or not in the initial consultation. If you choose to experience the death this can be either first hand or you can float out of your body and watch it happen. Watching it will not enable to to experience any feeling or thoughts you may have at this time of transition to spirit.
If you do not want to experience the death at this point I will turn you around and ask you to exit the lifetime through the door, which will be directly behind you. Otherwise you can experience the death and then leave that journey through the door.
On some occasion, if you are lucky you may experience the life between lives this is a deep spiritual experience and would significantly extend the length of the session and is something we would discuss prior to the session.

Ending the Journey

The door you used to enter this lifetime will always be directly behind you so to end a journey, for whatever reason, it is just a matter of turning around and leaving through the same door. Once through the door, which you close and lock behind you, you are back on whatever pathway you used to discover this door. Once outside I direct you to a bench or seat where you can take some time to ponder any lessons or insights you may have gained from the experience. Then I will either return you to the present or allow you to find another lifetime to explore.

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