What is Spiritual Development?

Before that question can be answered it is necessary to define spiritual. Now, I know that if you asked a hundred different people what spirituality was you would probably get one hundred different answers. So a definitive answer is almost impossible.

It is my belief that we are Spirit being human. As Spirit we are eternal and this Human Experience is all a part of our development as a spirit. Everything we experience on our “eternal journey”, as Spirit, is so that we can learn the lessons that will help us to grow spiritually.

What I offer here is the version that works for me. If it works for you then we agree if not then take what works for you and disregard the rest.

Before I go any further I need to state that I deliberately separate Religious and Spiritual. In doing this I am not stating religious people are not spiritual, because the two can go hand in hand, but I also believe that you do not have to be religious to be spiritual.

Spiritual relates things of the spirit. That is things that are intangible i.e. not of the physical world. Our spirit is, in effect, our life energy and all energy vibrates at different rates. The rate at which we vibrate will be dependent upon our level of consciousness and our level of consciousness determines our thoughts feeling and emotions.

Dr David Hawkins pioneered a process of muscle testing together with a map of consciousness to help people discover the fundamental nature of emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and karmic dis-ease. This map indicates that the lower vibrationary levels are emotions such as humiliation, blame, despair, regret, anxiety, craving, hate and scorn. These are all emotions that hold down our vibratory level and are the things we need to deal with if we are to transcend our limitations and develop spiritually.

How Can Past Life Regression help?

Past Life Regression can help us to identify the root causes of the emotions that hold us back. It can help us to become aware of where we currently are on our journey back to the source – whatever you believe that source to be. I believe that we come from the source and our lives are about getting back to the source by raising our vibrational levels back to purse consciousness. This can only be done by transcending the lower emotions. Past Life Regression can enable you to deal with the issues that hold you back by giving you the realisation that things do happen for a reason. We are here to experience the lower emotions so that we can transcend them. The purpose of Past Life Regression is to give you the proof that you are a Spirit having a human experience and not a human having spiritual experiences. Then, and only then, are we able to continue the journey back to the source.

How Does Past Life Regression Do That?

The very fact that you have been in a human form before indicates that “we” are much more than our bodies and that is the key. Life is a series of experiences we need to help our Spirit get back to the source. For the record, I believe that source is the state of unconditional love and with unconditional love, we can transcend anything.

How Do We Choose Lifetimes?

The lifetime we choose for this incarnation presents us with the circumstances we to for our Spirit to experience what it has chosen to experience. However, sometimes as a result of choices we made in the lifetime there may be other things we need to experience. For example, our Spirit may have chosen to experience forgiveness but in that lifetime our actions and choices may not have been forgiving. Maybe our pride or anger, in that lifetime prevented us from experiencing forgiveness so this presents us with other lessons we need to learn. Life, therefore, is much more than being about possessions, status, wealth or power and once you truly realise this then you can see where your priorities should lie.

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