Past Life Regression

Enables you to experience previous lifetimes, often using hypnosis, to discover and understand wisdoms or lessons your soul has experienced.

Past Life Therapy

Allows you to understand and correct the affects Karma on your current lifetime. Karma states that has been set in motion by actions taken at some time in the past creates an effect on a person’s physical, mental or spiritual well being now. Taken simply it means that for every action there is a consequence.

The terms Past Life Regression and Past Life Therapy are often used interchangeably but there is a major difference and that is the intent behind the session. Past Life Regression does not involve any therapeutic interventions. Past Life Therapy, on the other hand, will involve identifying the issue and selecting the most appropriate technique.


Why Explore Past Lives?

Generally people explore past lives to find answers. Answers to what? you may be thinking. Well, that depend upon where the individual is on their journey. Outlined below are three of the steps involved in past life exploration. It can be a one-off experience or an ongoing process depending upon the individuals intent. I have deliberately omitted a fourth step – which is the goal after Spiritual Development – this is to discover one’s divine purpose and generally involves Life Between Lives exploration.


Have I lived before?

This is one of the most common reasons and often the first step on an incredible journey of personal discovery. There could be any number of reasons why people are curious about past lives. Your first past Life Regression will either satisfy you curiosity or start you on a new and exciting spiritual journey.

Personal Development

What can I learn from the past?

This often leads on from curiosity and is the next step on the journey. At this stage there is a realisation that actions taken in past lives have impacted on the current lifetime which can either cause problems or present you with lessons which, if learnt can, enable you to transcend your perceived limitations.

Spiritual Development

What is my life purpose?

This is the stage of the realisation that we are much more than just our body. A knowing that there is more to our existence than this life. That knowledge opens up a whole new area to explore – the meaning and purpose of our existence.

Whatever your reason for being drawn to Past Life Regression and Therapy there will be a plan available for you. So please feel free to contact me now with any questions you may have.
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