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Sometimes you just need a friendly, non-judgmental, and confidential chat

You will never solve problems using the same thinking you created them with.

Albert Einstien

Sometime you just need a friendly, non-judgmental, and confidential ear When you find yourself embroiled in an emotionally charged situation, it can be difficult, or even impossible, to be rational. Things just keep going round and round in your head, clouding your thinking. You may get angry, upset, or tearful which only makes things worse. Your clouded thinking makes you even more confused and if not resolved can raise your stress levels and even bring on stress-related illness.  

It is at times like this when it ‘s helpful to talk and have someone share your problems, but who can you talk to? Often the people around you are too close or may even be a part of the problem. You just need a friendly, non-judgmental, and confidential ear. 

In my opinion, advice is one of the worst vices, after all, how can you give valid advice without knowing all sides of the story. All too often people are there telling you what you should or shouldn’t do without any thought of the implications of the advice they give. Yes, they give you advice with the best intent. However, they base the information they provide on their beliefs, opinions and situations, not yours and therein lies the problem. It is even harder if they are friends or family too because that sometimes means they can be biased either for or against you

What you need when stuck in these emotionally charged situations is clarity: someone who can enable you to think differently, see things from a different viewpoint and get you out of the emotional whirlpool.

Can I play that part? Why not call me and ask. We will both know from our conversation if it will be right for you.

You want your life to change: So make it happen

"In your hands tomorrow, in your mind the key"

Encouraging, Inspiring, and empowering your personal, professional or spiritual development.

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You are guaranteed a free friendly, non-judgmental, confidential and no obligation chat.
So, you have nothing to lose, except the cost of the call, and potentially everything to gain.

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